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FCC Services

FoodCubate Consulting provides marketing and business services with the goal of transforming your product(s) into a viable brand. We can help you develop and/or manage the following for your business: 

  • Overall Brand and Concept 

  • Product Development 

  • Market Research

  • Business and Marketing Plans

  • Sales & Distribution

  • P&L and Budget

  • Packaging Graphics and Structure

  • Sales Materials

  • Website

  • Sales & Distribution

  • Tactical Marketing Programs

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Co-packer Search

We charge by the hour, project or on a retainer basis. The fee structure can be customized to the situation and your needs.  Give us a shout to discuss your needs. We're happy to chat and give you some free advice anytime because we love helping foodpreneurs realize their dream.

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