Anna Kotler
FoodCubate Founder
FoodCubate Mission: To serve as a comprehensive resource for early stage foodpreneurs in the NYC- metro area.  


FoodCubate Network (FCN)

FCN is a network of food incubator programs in the NYC Metro area that collaborates for the benefit of its members and the entire food startup community by:

1) Advocating for regulatory policy changes and improvements  

2) Developing and sharing:

  • Events and educational and mentoring programs

  • Sales, marketing and distribution opportunities

  • Vendor resources

FoodCubate Consulting (FCC)

Our philosophy is that food startups need more than just advice they need a stable of partners that can help on all fronts. If you're in the kitchen making your product you don't also have time to design and source packaging, set a strategy, define the target consumer, not to mention post something relevant and engaging on Social Media.


We've been there and we get it....

At FoodCubate we have the knowledge and resources to help a nascent packaged food company with everything from high level strategic projects, such as developing a brand concept, marketing plan and P&L, to day-to-day "roll up your sleeves" tasks such as sourcing packaging, finding cheaper ingredients and handling a product demo.

Through years of experience, with both Fortune 500 companies and early stage startups, we know what it takes to develop and launch a food brand.  We have partnerships with trusted, low cost resources and vendors to help you achieve the best possible results on a limited budget.

Anna is a consumer packaged goods veteran with over 20 years of experience in business management and consumer marketing.   She “grew up” at Fortune 500 packaged food companies including Campbell Soup (SpaghettiOs), Bestfoods (Entenmann’s) and ConAgra Foods (Hebrew National).   After gaining an invaluable foundation in brand management at these companies, Anna went on to consult and innovate in various industries including natural and organic foods, eco-conscious products, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and Internet security.  She recently returned to the food industry as a Co-Founder of Kimchify, a Korean packaged foods startup that is developing two lines of consumer packaged foods based on the offerings of the NYC-based restaurants Korilla BBQ and Mokbar. Through FoodCubate, Anna continues to work with and help other foodpreneurs achieve their goals.  Anna has an MBA from the University of Michigan in marketing and corporate strategy.  She is the Director of Events & Programming for the Long Island Food Council and mentor at Pilotlight Brooklyn (formerly Foodworks).  Anna has relationships at the NY State Dept of Ag & Markets and NYC Economic Development Council. 

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